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Fragrances are linked to sensations, emotions and everyday life experiences that influence our behavior and understanding of what surrounds us. For example, the keenness for an

environment and the beauty of a face.


Freshness, cleanliness, tenderness, softness, romanticism and sensuality are part of our daily inspiration and challenge

in the fragrance division.


The best technology in Fragrances


personal care

Prosperity, fashion, sensuality, tenderness

In a sophisticated perfume, we should satisfy a particular desire. For example, to be fashionable, to suggest personality traits, to make people feel unique and  have others perceive it that way. The human feeling of exclusiveness is one of the utmost foundations for motivation and innovation in the world of perfumery. However, the situation is different for other products like dermatological cream or baby powder. Those cases require the employment of a perfume that emits security, pureness and protection.



Fine Perfumery

Toddler and Child Care

Hand and Body Care

Pharmaceutical Products

Other Cosmetics



Creating pleasure day by day

Through inspiration and art our specialists design fragrances for multiple home uses, such as functional cleaners and laundry.

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