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Our specialized team in the fragrance division is constantly researching new ingredients and developing technologies. 

These new perfumes with improved performance, diffusion power, impact and residuality are applied according

to our customers' products.


We also have other systems with reodorant characteristics to counteract unpleasant odors from products or processes

where neutralization and control is necessary.


Whenever we design fragrances, we consider the physicochemical properties of interaction with

the product and its  subsequent stability.



We develop fragrance microcapsules that allow a kinetic control of flavor release by mechanical resistance, these induce sensorial effects through a sequential release. Ideal for products of clothes care, detergents, fabric softeners, ironing facilitators and direct use in textiles.

powdered fragrances

Fragrances encapsulated directly by atomization (Spray Dry), or dry microcapsules by pulverization. These drying techniques are able to stabilize those compounds or highly volatile substances.


They are perfumes with agents that mask and encapsulate unpleasant odors. Specially developed to neutralize malodors. Utilized in deodorants, pet perfumes, cleaning products for the kitchen and bathrooms and paint with organic solvents. In general, to control odors in products and environments.

granulated fragrances

The granulating fragrance technique allows us to develop many perfumes for different application types; from Masterbatch in polyethylene for plastic bags and products - to grainy fragrances for solid air fresheners, powdered detergents and many other applications where granulated perfume is necessary.

hypoallergenic fragrances

These prevent allergic symptoms from some aromatic compounds and are specially formulated for children's products and cosmetics. From hair products to nail polishes, mascara, moisturizers and other products where ingredients or perfume can cause allergic contact dermatitis (skin inflammation).

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