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It is a synergistic blend of antioxidants used in animal food, destined to protect raw materials, pre-mixes, fats and oils.


Animal fats, vegetable oils and other ingredients integrated in the food formulation are easily oxidized if not protected properly.

There is a reduction in energy value and the availability fatty acids produced by the oxidation of fats, oils, vitamins and pigments. This gives palatability issues of rancidity, of lack pigmentation and appearance of deficiency states.

The composition of ZoaQuinox inactivates dynamic oxidation, since it acts as a metal ion chelator. It is known that oxidation occurs by means of a free radical trajectory oxygen is required in order to react with the unstable radical.

ZoaQuinox blocks oxidation by donating hydrogen molecules to the free radicals and peroxy radicals;  formed during the stages of initiation and propagation.





ZoaBacter is a broad spectrum bactericide (gram positive / gram negative) that acts as a bactericide and fungicide in food, drinkable water or  interspersed in the environment of pens and coops. It is also an antimicrobial and gastrointestinal acidifier which optimizes food conversion and maximizes the production of breeders and layers.

It is effective against diarrhea (avoiding dirty eggs), and improves its size and weight.

ZoaBacter is a mix of short chain organic acids and its salts united with 3-p-cymenol “does not contain formaldehyde”, so it can be safely used. Its physical and chemical characteristics make it a non-toxic product that eliminates bacteria and fungi.

Important economic losses of domestic animals caused by pathogenic microorganisms are well known. These microorganisms interfere with the absorption of nutrients, affecting the immune system, health and increase the levels of stress. This does not allow the animal population to acquire its full potential growth and development.



It is an antimycotic comprised by a synergistic mixture of short chain organic acids and their salts. Designed for the prevention and treatment of fungal and yeast contamination in raw materials or vulnerable foods.

ZoaMicost acts when penetrating the fungis' and yeasts' cell walls. Once it is inside, it inhibits intracellular enzymes that are essential for the carbohydrates metabolism. Therefore, it prevents the growth and replication of the contaminants

We have two presentations: powdered for food protection and liquid for the fumigation of stored grains in silos.

acidifiERS & promotERs



ZoaCidem is a line of acidifiers and growth promoters, it consists of a synergistic blend of organic acids, which are: propionic acid, butyric acid, benzoic acid and formic acid. They can be coated and encapsulated with effective aromatic compounds.

The intestinal pH value is reduced by incorporating ZoaCidem in food, improving nutrient

digestibility and reducing the incidence of diarrhea. As a result, there is a significant

influence in growth and conversion rates. The daily gain and percentage of

muscular mass in fattening is improved.   

Some animals during the first weeks of life (specially piglets), suffer from a physiological

deficiency in the production of hydrochloric acid. The incorporation of a food acidifier in nourishment

helps combat the physiological deficit of hydrochloric acid. It favors the coagulation of proteins in the stomach

and the splitting of pepsinogen into pepsin. The assimilation of nutrients in the digestive tract is also meliorated.

Moreover, the incorporation of vegetable proteins during the weaning period difficults digestion since there is a different coagulation from the one in the milk protein. This produces an alteration in the intestinal flora which deflects the pH towards alkalinity. Therefore, creating ideal conditions for the multiplication of coliforms and anaerobes which are the main causes of diarrheal diseases in young animals.



It is a specific adsorbent for mycotoxins, capable of adsorbing small amounts through a cationic exchange. It is effective against aflatoxin, citrinin, vomitoxin, fumonisin, ochratoxin A and other mycotoxins.

ZoaSil is a synergistic mixture of zeolites and alumino silicate hydrates with an excellent adsorption range. Mycotoxins adhere to the ZoaSil and are retained efficiently.

It does not exercise any negative effects against vitamins, minerals or antibiotics; nor the adsorption of other nutrients used in premixes and animal food.





We offer a wide variety of natural and artificial colorants, prepared as an intelligent batch. They can be directly incorporated in the manufacturing batches for ease of use and reduce losses from errors in weighing and fractionation.

The food appearance constitutes an important factor when it comes to preference. It must transmit sensations of freshness and naturalness, besides possessing a consistency in the flavor offered. Consequently, creating a perception for the buyer of a balanced and healthy food.

We have application laboratories and experts available to test colors in WTF products and satisfy client needs.

Our colors offer long-term stability in food, as well as, ease of application and firmness in the tones. We grant a touch of matchless sophistication.




Zoaodor is a “reodorant” substance capable of reducing malodor from processes where there is bacterial growth.

Organic waste is the cause of odors from bacteria that proliferate in hot and humid environments. Since it is a very unpleasant smell and it expands easily, we have developed a product that counteracts this effect. It is mainly used in: Rendering plants where they process animal meal (meat, bones and feathers), waste-water treatment plants, milk industries and environments that needs to reduce and control malodors.

Deodorants work as follows:

  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria that generate malodor. This

       is achieved with natural antibacterial essential oils.

  • This includes specific aromatic compounds that mask the

       odor, by competition with the degree of volatility.

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