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For the man's best friends we have developed a product line to

ensure these relationships will improve and endure over time

Meat-hydrolysates aromas from Maillard reactions. Enhancing the taste of food and improving the preferences and acceptance of pets.


Our research and development team evaluates continuously diverse natural ingredients to keep Zoadigest as the desired palatant of dogs and cats with the best cost/benefit ratio.


Applied at a dose between 1-3%, Zoadigest has been proven to be the palatability leader in different consumer tests performed by kennels.

zoadigest flavor


For Our Best Friends


It is an efficient line of oil-soluble flavors, recommended to coat the croquettes in the balanced pet foods. Its pleasant and appetizing aroma is even valued by the most demanding breeds.


Chicken, Bacon, Lamb, Beef Ribs, Vegetables and Cereal aromas. All these are excellent palatability alternatives for the different breeds on their stages of growth.


Efficient Flavoring Line


It is a rich source of marine bio-active peptides (3-10 kDa), composed by proteins from Anchovies and Sardine hydrolysates. It is an effective flavor and aroma enhancer in pet foods and generates multiple health benefits.


ZoaPeps increases resistance to many diseases, the biological activity stimulates the immune response, helping improve digestion and nutrient absorption.


Better Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

TEXTURe & appearance

In integral palatability, texture and appearance is another key factor.


Our palatable products modify the texture of the croquettes. The goal is to enrich companies

producing balanced pet food with effective new products that enhance the quality of their foods.


With this approach, we analyze many factors: the development conditions of animals, breeds,

growth stages, local environment and nutritional requirements. The main key to

success is apprehending desires and aspirations of their owners.


Exclusive ingredient formula that modifies the kibbles texture and gives a soft consistency with great palatability. Wetting agents act synergistically to achieve plasticity, softness and moist appearance in dog and cat food.


We have proved that there are preferences for the simultaneous combination of crunchy and soft foods. This effect is accomplished by including a 15% of soft croquettes. This way, augmenting palatability and pleasing the taste of the most demanding pets.


Boosting Palatability

Powdered additive incorporated at the end of the process to coat the kibbles into balanced pet food. Add a little water to the croquettes in the pet dish to acquire texture, color and appearance. Similar to a succulent stew elaborated with natural meat.


Possesses and excellent palatability, suitable for both dogs and cats of any breed in their different growth phases.




Natural and synthetic colorants, developed specially for balanced pet foods.

Bright colors associated with natural nutrients, used to combine multiple color croquettes in one same product.

Food Design



smart batch

Homogenous mixture of dyes with equal granulometry, packaged according to each need. The exact dose is taken into account when applied in food processing or in the manufacturing batch, this way, reducing errors when directly manipulated and cross-contamination when weighting.


We investigate the consumption habits of our pets and relate them directly to their

customs and traditions. This allows us to identify their preferences

before other current balanced foods.

Pets accustomed to being fed with remains from our kitchen have developed taste for those aromas in our typical cuisine. Such as: meat products, corn, rice, beans, garlic, onion, spices and others utilized in the different geographical locations.      

A selected group of canines with keen palate determine which food aroma and flavor will have better acceptance. In our pet division we have specialized tests to comprehend the preferences in palatability for canine and feline breeds.

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