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We develop flavors with innovative technologies in order to achieve high performance in conditions and production

processes which are complicated, attaining the

appropriate stability in products.


LiQUID aromas

Excellent aromatic profiles, water-soluble and oil-soluble. Its use depends on the different applications and receiving context: soft drinks, chocolat drinks, juices and nectars, dairy products, candies, gummies, etc.


Flavor system in emulsions with color and turbidity. Carefully formulated for drinks: soft drinks, energy drinks, nutraceutical and refreshing drinks.


Flavors encapsulated in powder by atomization (Spray Dry), specific for product presentations like gelatins and powdered drinks. In general, products of the food and pharmaceutical industry that hold powders.


Encapsulated powders are more resistant to humidity, they maintain their organoleptic characteristics; prolonging its quality.


Granulated aromas (with or without color), of excellent stability and mechanical resistance. Applied in the aromatization of powdered beverages, herbal infusions, medicinal herbs and matte.

The particle size is ideal for products that tend to compact or will be packed in porous materials, such as: tea bags.


Flake aromas (with or without color), special for topping decorations on desserts, ice-creams, culinary applications, sweet or salty snacks and others.


Reaction natural aromas (sweet & salty), from Maillard reactions that carry the production of melanoidins and develop complex aromatic compounds, giving natural flavors to the product.

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